Direct Communications Group

Direct Communications Group assists clients with the regulatory, policy, marketing, human capital and management issues associated with changes in competition within transportation, parcel delivery and postal markets.

Industry Commentary

Stay up to date with latest information on policy issues affecting the Courier, Express and Postal Industry Worldwide. Using his 30 years of experience in transportation and postal consulting, Alan Robinson, president of Direct Communications Group identifies trends that matter before they are generally reported in either the general business or industry press.

Compensation Realities

As we come out of the great recession, companies will begin the process of expaninding their workforce.

Does your compensation package have retirement benefits that reflect the needs of workers with recent rexperience with financial bubbles and uncertain gains in markets?

Do your health care benefits offer employees the most bang for your buck?

Direct Communications Group can help you answer these and many other questions. For more information give us a call.

Future of the Postal Service

Are you concerned that your business strategy will be undermined by the Postal Service's strategy of cuts and service reductions?

Take a look at a new report by Direct Communications Group that identifies why the Postal Service's strategy is what it is and what alternatives may exist. Congress will start looking at these alternatives in 2010 and now is the time to determine how that effort could affect your business.

The report can be found by clicking the reports tab above. For more information about what you can do to ensure a positive legislative outcome for your business contact Direct Communications Group